Saturday, December 10, 2016

The appointments don't stop

Even thought it has been a year since chemo, I feel like the appointment will never really stop. We will always make trips to see specialists and over time, new doctors pop up. After meeting with the endocrinologist about getting jeff taken off of one of his medications, she felt the need to send him for an ultrasound of his testicals. The type of cancer Jeff was diagnosed with is  a germ cell cancer which means if it were to spread, the most likely place it would go is the reproductive organs. The endocrinologist quickly informed us that a 1cm mass was found during the ultrasound and we were refured to a Urologist. I feel like we received news that would devostate any ordinary person but it was just another phone call in our world of cancer. I did have a hard time thinking about the future, and again had to scale back. It was a long week before meeting with the urologist to see what he had to say. On November 24th we went into Edmonton and received news I didn't even think was a possibility. There are no indicators in Jeff's blood work of cancer, the mass is too small to feel, AND the blood flow to the mass is limited. These are all very good indications that this mass could be cystic and not cancer. I guess after 6 years I have come to expect the worst but it feels kind of nice to be wrong this time. Jeff still has another ultrasound this month to make sure nothing has changed in terms of size or density of the mass but we are crossing our fingers that everything will stay the same. Even after this scare, I do still stand behind what I said about cancer being nothing for us to fear. Although I had many questions about our future, I never once felt afraid that it could beat us. We got this. Now to make it through an MRI, neuro opthamologist, ultrasound, and urologist appointment before Christmas.