Monday, May 16, 2011


We went to a few doctors a few weeks ago and the scoop is this. Jeff has a tumour growing on his optic chiasm which is where the nerves from the two eyes meet. (the absolute worst place in terms of vision loss). The neuro-opthamologist recommends surgery to remove the tumour or she predicts Jeff will go blind. The surgeon doesn’t want to do surgery and make things worse so he is being very cautious about going back in for more surgery. He has ordered another MRI for this week and we have another appointment next week with the surgeon. At this point we are not really sure if we want the surgery to go through or not. If anything goes wrong in the surgery it could leave Jeff blind and the risk is high. But if the tumour keeps growing or even just stays their without growing it could/will slowly kill the optic nerve, leaving Jeff blind. Right now we are just praying that the tumour will go away.