Sunday, September 11, 2016


The last 6 years have been such a blur and sometimes I honestly don't even remember how truly hard it was until I go back and read things I have written. That's when I remember, it all comes rushing back to me and I put it away until the day I can read it without the memory stabbing me in the chest. But, reading it also helps me to see how far we have come. It makes me grateful for the pieces that are starting to fit back into place and for the first time in our cancer journey, I am checking cancer off the list of things we need to fear (which still includes bears, large dogs, and future daughter-in-laws). There is always a chance the cancer will return and spread but it doesn't have the same power over us that it used to. Looking back on how hard our journey was, even though it still hurts to remember, has given me the power and streangth to know we can do anything. I would never be so daring as to say I am happy to have gone through the events of the last 6 years, but I wouldn't change the things I have learned from it for the world. If I was given the opportunity to go back and take it all away, if it meant I would have to take what I learned away too, I wouldn't do it. (I had to hold my breath while I was writing that because I sure as hell wouldn't want to go through it again). But come on, I got to sing this song to Jeff the other day and actually mean it!  🎤Did you know, me and you, must be fireproof with all the hell that we've been through. 🎤.