Monday, November 4, 2013

The everyday

We have been back to everyday life and I have forgotten to keep everyone updated. Jeff has slowly been improving. I keep telling everyone he isn't getter better as fast as I would like but we have seen changes. He no longer has to tilt his head to focus and his walking/hip issues have improved. Since radiation, Jeff's hair still is not growing but we were told it could take 6 months or more in order for that to happen. We have been to Edmonton for a follow up MRI and bloodwork, but won't know the results until the 9th of December. We don't think about what could be and mostly just assume the radiation did its job and the cancer is gone. We are really focusing on Jeff's rehabilitation. Getting his stamina up to where he will be able to work a full day. Jeff has been doing a few jobs for his dad around the farm the past few days but finds it hard to work for more than a few hours. We take things day by day and everyday just hope and pray his brain will heal and things will get better. It will still be a long road for Jeff but we hope the worst is over.