Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Half way

Jeff started cycle 2 of treatments in Edmonton which gave us a little mini vacation! We got a hotel for 3 days and the kids and Jeff's family came down for a few days to spend time at the waterpark and play. Jeff of course had to be at chemo the whole day but he was able to find the energy to come out for dinner with the whole family.
On the second day of Jeff's 3 day chemo treatment, Jeff developed a tremor in this hand. It was significant enough that he wasn't able to eat fruit salad with a spoon and writing was difficult. The Drs were able to give him a medication which helped for a few days. On the Thursday after we got home, Jeff's medicine wasn't working and he was having a hard time sleeping because his tremoring hand would wake him up. We decided we better have a doctor look at him to make sure nothing big was happening. The doctor did a CT scan and found the results to be consistent will earlier scans and set our minds at ease. We assume the tremors are side effects of the chemo drugs he was given and hope they go away once chemo is finished. 

Jeff had his mid chemo MRI and met with the Doctor last week. It turns out, the cough he has had didn't come from the cold that was circling our house. One of the chemotherapy drugs Jeff had been receiving was actually causing damage in his lungs. The doctor immediately discontinued that specific drug from Jeff's chemo cycle meaning he no longer has to go once a week. Now, Jeff has 3 days of chemo at the beginning of his 21 day cycle and then nothing until the next cycle. That means I can count on one hand how many times we have to go back for chemo treatments! 
Jeff's MRI results come back consistent with earlier scans. His tumor hasn't shrunk the way we would have hoped but the doctors are hopeful they have stopped its growth. Jeff will have another MRI in March and will be followed closely after that. 

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