Friday, February 24, 2017


One day in Walmart, the boys saw a map and HAD to have it. Usually, I don't give into their impulses because they want EVERYTHING but I figured it could be useful in teaching them geography and I hoped it could lead to discussion about different cultures and people around the world. I didn't expect the wanderlust a map on our wall would plant in me. Before the whole cancer thing and before having kids, I loved to travel. I had big goals and high hopes. I would search books and the internet looking for my next andventure. Seven years ago, priorities changed and the crazy adventures were forgotten in the basement somwhere. Together, Jeff and I were off on new adventures. Sleepless nights and doctors appointments were our new life. Of course, things are always changing and always will but for the last few months, ever since I put a map on out wall, I have found a spark. Thinking about new crazy andventures has been exciting. Archer looks at the map with so much ambition and I want to teach my boys that dreams are meant to be lived, not slept through. This winter was a perfect oppertunity for us to live a dream and California was at the top of the list. I heared so many amazing things about San Diego and the boys couldn't stop talking about Legoland. So, we took Archer out of school for 5 weeks and headed out on the ultimate California vacation. Here is a 5 minute snapshot into our adventure!

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