Thursday, December 10, 2015

Feels good to be home

After the first night, the nurses and doctors were very helpful and got Jeff feeling better. He hasn't thrown up since the first night and he is feeling alright. He is incredibly tired and not super stable on his feet but looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and resting.
Getting poked for iv's and bloodwork never bothers Jeff but apparently he has super tricky veins. Day 1 he got poked 3 times and day 2 he got poked twice. That was when Jeff's nurse talked to the dr about getting a central line put in. Since Jeff's drugs go in intravenously and he has 5 days of chemo in a 21 day cycle, it would be hard on his veins to get poked 2 or 3 times every time. Things worked out in his favour and Jeff was able to get his central line put in before we came home. It is called a power port and everything is completely under his skin. He has a few staples right now and a lump just below his clavicle on the right side but it is a relief to know they won't have to go digging around in his arms any more. They will be able to use the port for his next treatment which will be in bonnyville! 

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